Street Performance (Blueprinted) Early Style 65-66 Upper Control Arms



Upper Control Arms will fit:

(1964.5-1966 Mustang)

(1960-1962 Falcon/Comet with V8 Spindle)

(1963-1965 Falcon/Comet-All)

Sold in pairs.

Opentracker Racing Standard Upper Control Arms are for the classic car enthusiast looking for a high quality, street performance upper arm that will last for years, operates smoothly, is easy to install and comes with all new hardware.

Our control arms have a reputation for being the best reproduction upper arm on the market. The reason why is the amount of time we spend on our control arms to make sure the shaft kit is working properly. First we check to see if the shaft kit is centered in the arm. If not, we center it. This is a big issue since 80% to 90% of the control arms we receive, the shaft kit is not centered, they are offset to one side. If the arms are installed in the car this way, the ball joint won’t be in the correct position, causing alignment problems and possible fitment problems. It can also lead to the wheel not having proper placment in the wheel well.

The shaft kits are  pre-lubed and the bushings are adjusted to our specifications resulting in a smoother ride. Then our tab is welded on to keep the bushings from changing position. The end result is a blueprinted upper arm  that will last for years with proper care.

These arms work well with the 1″ upper control arm drop. Fully assembled and ready for installation with all new hardware, new ball joint and 90° extended zerk fittings.

If you have any questions about fitment, application or custom work, please send us an  Email.