Roller Idler Arm, early Mustang Falcon Comet



Improve the steering of your classic with an Opentracker roller idler arm. A roller idler arm reduces steering effort and allows greater feedback to the driver by keeping the steering geometry in check. Replacing the factory rubber bushing with  grease-able bearings maintains proper position of the center link as it moves from side to side.

Manual steering cars will especially appreciate this upgrade as the reduced steering effort results in more precise steering input while cornering. Opentracker roller idler arms are made using high quality, US made components.

Fits –

64-66 Mustang

60-65 Faclon/Comet with 63-65 Falcon V8 steering ( 2 hole Mustang type frame bracket needed).


We use this idler arm on our 64-66 Mustang and 60-65 Falcon 6 to 8 cylinder swaps. It is also used if the owner wants to keep the I6 motor and upgrade to the 5 lug V8 type steering.