Mustang Street-Competition Engine Cross Member with Jack Pad fits HiPo & Shelby (1965-1966)


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 This design was pioneered by Ford in 1969 for the Boss 302 program. Improves on the ’65 & ’66 stock engine crossmember by tying into the lower control arm mounting points, resulting in improved rigidity for the unibody lower front frame section. Helps to stiffen the car right at the control arms where it’s needed most. 
Perfect for cars that already have an Export brace and Monte Carlo Bar.
Integral 3.5″ diameter jacking pad means no more dented frame rails. A quick and safe way to raise the front end. Vastly superior to similar looking cross members currently sold today.
1)  No interference issues with oil pan.
2)  Will clear oil pan if using Ron Morris lowering engine mounts. Other cross members will  not clear
3)  Made from 1.5″ steel tubing just like the stock Ford crossmember. Other are relying on smaller 1.375″ tubing
4)  Steel tubing thickness: 0.125″, stronger than the stock and aftermarket cross members. Others are using thinner tubing
5)  made with USA steel
6)  Complete with grade 8 bolts & hardened washers (USA made).
7)  priced under the competition
7)  100% money back if not satisfied
8)  Cross Member without jacking pad available.(-$30)
9) Completely compatible with Vario-centric camber kits
A custom crossmember (+$100) may be required if:
a) engine has been lowered more than 1/2″ or has been moved to the rear.
b) a Canton oil pan is being used on a lowered engine.
Note: a low profile floor jack may be needed  for the jack pad model. Crossmember is approximately 1.5″ lower than the stock Ford crossmember.