New Products at Opentracker Racing

Roller Lower Control Arm Bearing Kits for 62-65 Fairlanes
New to the market, Roller Lower Control Arms for the early Fairlanes.  Do it yourself or we can install the kit for you in your OEM lower arms. We also have the US made lower ball joints. Call (831-659-0688) or Email any questions you have.
Drag Racing – Full Roller Front Suspension kits for Mustangs, Falcons, Comets, Cougars, Fairlanes, Torinos and Mavericks.

Later 60’s & 70’s Ford’s and Mercury’s

Mike S
Mike S

Early 60’s Ford’s and Mercury’s

Carl M 65 Mustang
Carl M 65 Mustang

FINALLY!!~~11X2.25″ Rear Drum Brakes for the Small Bearing Ford. This kit will fit your stock 8″ or 9″ rear end with the small  bearing pattern.  A bolt in upgrade for most ’60-’70 Fords. We have Porterfield street performance and racing shoes available.
Trans-AM style Roller Idler 71-73
An Opentracker innovation. The 71-73 cars don’t get as much attention as the early years. They are formidable racers, run hard and win races using our roller suspension. We used a varied array of components and machine work to make this happen.
JD 019
Double Roller Spring Perches for 72-67 Chevy ll
I didn’t think this one was going to make it to market. The Chevy guys are a passionate bunch and kept the pressure on. Never seen before, Double Rollers for the Chevy ll.
JD 010
Derlin Strut Rod Bushings used with an OEM type adjustable strut rod
JD 012
1965-1966 Mustang
1967-1973 Mustang
JD's photos 038
Porterfield Racing Brake Pads/Shoes for Street & Race Cars
JD 006
JD 009
Roller Spring Perches
Opentracker Track Roller Spring Perches
Upper Control Arms
Upper Control Arm