Upper Control Arm Drop Template 1 1/2″ (1965-1966)



One of the best modifications to improve the suspension geometry of your classic Mustang is lowering the upper control arms. Our steel lowering templates allow accurate drilling to your shock towers with 1/8″ pilot holes for precision drilling every time. Our templates are marked to show correct orientation and bolt up to the shock tower using the factory mounting location.

We offer templates for the popular 1″ drop with factory control arms and the 1½” drop for those looking for maximum grip at the track and are using our  road racing upper control arm.

* Opentracker warning:
Lowering the factory upper control arms more than one inch can result in binding and possible failure of the ball joint. Control arms with a ball joint angle change  like our road racing upper control arms MUST be used to lower factory upper control arms more than one inch.