Street Performance Full Suspension Kit with Bilstein Sport Shocks – Level 2 (V8 1965-1966)



After years of producing custom kits, we now have an opportunity to offer a full suspension kit that really does work well in a classic Mustang.  ” I want a nice cruiser, a weekend fun car that will handle better than stock and still ride nice ” is what we hear often from our customers. We use as many USA made products as are available so our kits will last for years. These are 1″ lowering kits but a standard height or a kit with a lower stance can be done with a simple spring change. Take a look. If you have any questions or would like us to work on a custom kit for you, please give us a call at 831 659-0688 or send us an email. We will be glad to help.

Kit List

  1. 1″ upper arm drop template ( upper arm drop is an option but recommended)
  2. 1/8″ Poly coil spring insulators
  3. GT 1″ drop coil springs
  4. 1 ” front sway bar kit
  5. Roller spring perches
  6. Street Performance Blueprinted Upper arms
  7. Street Performance Roller Lower arms
  8. Adjustable strut rods
  9. Steering kit with roller idler arm –  Power or Manual steer
  10. Bilstein Sport Front shocks
  11. Bilstein rear shocks
  12. 4.5 Mid eye 1″ drop leaf springs with new U-Bolt, front eye bolt and rear shackle kit.

The cars don’t drive well when they are set to factory alignment settings. We recommend these settings for a weekend cruiser or daily driven street car.

0 – Camber
2deg. positive caster
1/8″ toe-in

The camber and caster should be the same on both sides.

We sell full and partial kits for 64.5 to 73 Mustangs and many other early Fords and Mercury’s. The roller and US made parts do cost more than the non roller and offshore parts but they are a must for longevity, a smooth ride and precise steering. The body will stay flat in the turns and the car won’t jump around going over pavement seams and dips/pot holes. It will drive more like a newer car.

The level 2 kits are designed for the street performance driver who wants a little more out of their car. The level 2 kit has the adjustable strut rods and roller lower arms added to change the two lower pivot points of the front suspension to bearings. This change gives the cars more precise steering and more stability under braking. The cars will handle better and give the driver more positive feedback.

If you spend time with your car on a race track of any type or have a dedicated track car, we can help put together a custom kit that will get you the results you want.