Street Performance Crossmember Do It Yourself Kit 1967-70


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1967-70 Mustang & Cougar Street/Comp Engine CrossMember Kit, fits HiPo & Shelby’s too.

This kit has everything you need to convert your existing stock crossmember to a Boss 302 racing style crossmember. Effective at all speeds, the revised crossmember will enhance both steering precision and  stability by providing  much needed lower control arm support, right at the LCA mounting point. 

Starting with  your existing stock crossmember, just trim off the ends, then weld the remaining tubular piece to the end plates &  brackets supplied in the kit. Finish off with either powdercoating or a durable paint. 

Included in the kit are a  pair of precision machined end brackets with end plates, identical to those in our fully assembled crossmembers,  all required special hardware, and  Grade 8 fasteners, together with full instructions. A full set of camber plates are also included.

This is a kit, not a completed crossmember. Welding experience  is required to assemble. Retain your  stock crossmember & crossmember-to-frame bolts for use with the kit

This design was pioneered by Ford in 1969 for the Boss 302 racing program. Improves on the ’65 & ’66 stock engine crossmember by tying into the lower control arm mounting points, resulting in improved rigidity for the unibody lower front frame section. Helps to stiffen the car right at the control arms where it’s needed most. Perfect for cars that already have an Export brace and Monte Carlo Bar.