Porterfield R4-1 Vintage Racing Compound Disc Brake Pads for 1968-1973 Mustang / Cougar



Set of 4 front brake pads for 68-73 Mustangs and Cougars with stock front disc brakes.

This high friction racing material has grown to be a very popular choice for drivers who need the highest possible friction with a low pad temperature. Developed and tested in the vintage racing community the R4-1 gives an average coefficient of friction of .56 with peak levels up to .600. Having tremendous stopping power, the R4-1 pad material can reach upwards of .5 friction level when pad temperature is a very low 200ºF . Drivers can still have a high friction brake pad without worry of the pad becoming too cold to be effective when the car is driven only moderately. For use when pad temperatures are under 600ºF and peak temperatures are not over 1000ºF. Widely used on Vintage GT and formula cars the R4-1 has gained great popularity as an excellent auto-cross, off-road and rally-cross pad material. Great modulation, consistent pedal feedback and the same rotor friendliness as our other Carbon Kevlar compounds.