Drag Racing – Full Roller Front Suspension – Later 60’s Mustang Falcon Comet Fairlane Cougar Maverick



This is what he fast guys are using. Friction free front suspension is what it takes to make these cars consistent winners. Weight transfer is quicker and smoother with friction free pivots.

These parts will work with  67-73 Mustangs, 66 and later V8 Falcon/Comet/Fairlane/Cougar.  No worries, we will confirm application before shipment. We pride ourselves in sending the right parts the first time.

Drag Racing Roller Upper Control Arms68DRLCAJD's photos 331Calvert 9010 shockstrutrod-315

Substitutions are welcome. If you have a combo of our parts that you would like to use, send us an Email. We can work with any goal and budget.

Lane Carey pulling the front wheels on stock bias ply tires in the F.A.S.T. racing series. This is the first sub 10sec. car in the field, 9.84 at 139 MPH with Opentracker products. “The front ends gotta work” Lane Carey.

Land Carey 71 Mustang
Land Carey 71 Mustang