Falcon / Comet 6cyl to V8 Steering Kit – (1964 after 6/10/64 with V8 Spindle) – (1965 – All with V8 Spindle)


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This is what it takes to swap any 6cyl  60-65 Falcon or Comet with a 1″ sector shaft steering box over to V8 steering when using 1964 Falcon spindles made after 6/10/64 and all 1965 Falcon V8 Spindles. Ford changed the spindle outer tie rod hole size in June of ’64.

If your doing a 6 to 8 swap on any 60-65 Falcon, this will help.

We can get outer tie rod ends to fit most any style of spindle you have (some tie rods can be more expensive).

If you have a 1 1/8″ sector shaft steering box, we can help with that too. Those pitman arms are not reproduced but we have some good used units.

We can modify this kit with a bump steer kit or the quick steer kit for the Mustangs. If you have a special need, send us an email.

This kit comes with a new 65 Falcon center link, new inner tie rod ends, new adjuster sleeves, new outer tie rod ends, a new pitman arm and new roller idler arm with frame bracket.