Early Falcon Roller Spring Perches – Street Performance – (1960-1965) FORD



At Opentracker racing, we believe the Ford Falcon should have came from the factory with roller spring perches. These spring perches are made from original body’s from the early Falcons. If your looking for a more original look for your Falcon, these roller perches are an option. 

Our spring perches use sealed roller bearings as the pivot point instead of a rubber bushing. This upgrade provides a huge gain in ride quality, responsiveness to the road, stability under braking and handling. The entire weight of the front end rides on these two pivot points and the stock rubber bushing greatly increases the effort required for the suspension to  move.

Opentracker Track Roller Spring Perches on control arm

The vast improvement in performance and handling using roller suspension is why we do what we do. Removing bind from the suspension and steering pivot points provide a huge gain to any performance driven vehicle.

Sold in pairs