Nova Double Roller Spring Perches – Road Racing / Drag Racing – (1962/1967)



At Opentracker racing, we believe the Chevy ll should have came from the factory with a roller spring perch.

Stock perches use rubber as the bushing between the spring perch and the control arm and that greatly increases the effort required for your suspension to move.

Our double roller spring perches go a step further than our single roller perches and use two separate pivots to eliminate the bind between the spring and shock. Double roller perches allow the spring and shock to pivot independently.

This upgrade improves weight transfer on the drag strip resulting in better 60′ times, responsiveness to varied track prep conditions for more consistency and improved stability under braking. On the road course, the car has better “turn in” and ease of steering . Our double roller spring perches improve driver confidence under braking and in a turn.

The reasons why a roller product changes how an early classic drives is why we do what we do. Removing the bind from the pivot points provides a huge gain to any performance driven vehicle.

This is a rebuild process. You will need to send in a usable set of core Chevy ll spring perches.  If not, there is a $80 core charge for this product.